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Spotlight on Greenwood 2024 and Short-Term Rentals in Indianapolis

Michael Taylor - Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Unlocking Real Estate Opportunities: Greenwood 2024 and Short-Term Rentals in Indianapolis

January 2024 Market Report by Red Door Property Management

Welcome to our latest market report! In this edition, we delve into the Greenwood real estate market and shed light on the exciting prospects for short-term rentals in Indianapolis. Join Mike Taylor, owner of Red Door Property Management, and Chris Knight as they provide key insights and trends for January 2024.

Greenwood Real Estate Market Insights

Greenwood, located just south of Indianapolis, continues to be a hot submarket with a strong community, excellent schools, and solid fundamentals. Mike and Chris compare Greenwood to Noblesville, offering valuable insights into rental prices, average days on market, active homes, and average sales prices.

Short-Term Rentals in Indianapolis: A Hidden Gem

But the insights don't stop there! Discover why areas like Fishers and Noblesville are gaining traction in the short-term rental market. Mike and Chris discuss the potential for success in suburban markets, emphasizing how investing in these areas can be a smart move for Airbnb hosts in 2024.

Tune in for our February 2024 market report, and let's navigate the real estate journey together. #PropertyManagement #IndianapolisRealEstate #ShortTermRentals

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