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Top 5 areas to invest in Indianapolis

Chris Knight - Thursday, February 16, 2023

Top 5 areas to invest in Indianapolis

Hey, guys, welcome back. My name is Chris Knight, business Development Manager herewith Red Door Property Management, and I am here to give you my top five areas to invest in here in the Indianapolis and in surrounding areas. So here we go. We're going to dive right in. 

Number one

The first area that I love to suggest to new investors looking into the area would be the Fishers, really the north-northeast side of Indianapolis, fishers, Noblesville. These areas are great and primarily driven by their school systems, attract great families, very low turnover and very low turnover cost, which means ultimately your vacancy rate is going to be lower, your vacancy costs are going to be less. So that is my two favorite areas, without a doubt. This is a really B plus area, and that's going to round out number one. 

Number two

The Avon Brownsburg area. This is going to take us over to the westside of Indianapolis, a great area to invest in. And again, you're going to hear me say it a lot throughout this video. This is an area that is primarily driven by a great school system. This would also include the area of Plainfield, without a doubt, but the areas on the west side, Brownsburg, Avon, Plainfield, great areas driven by the school system, great type of quality tenants, low turnover costs, which is ultimately what's going to increase your ROI. 

Number three

We're going to get into the south side of Indianapolis, greenwood, Smith Valley. This area, again, not as much powered by the school system, but just an expanding area without a doubt to lower investment, initial investment costs as compared to those first areas that I mentioned. This is going to for sure be a Barea, but ultimately a great investment area to consider. 

Number four and five

Now into the last area is going to be centered more into the downtown overall area, and that's going to be the Fountain Square around the Massachusetts Avenue area. If you're looking in the downtown area, these are areas you really want to focus on, especially if you are looking at possibly turning your property over into an Airbnb. This is a great market. I don't want to get too much into the Airbnb market, but also on the north side of Indianapolis has proven to be a very good area for an Airbnb type of property. But I just wanted to get into the service of it. If you're interested in diving more into these markets, be sure to look at our market reports that will be popping up throughout today, throughout this week. Be sure to jump in and take a look. Be sure to like and subscribe. My name is Chris Red Door Property Management. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks.