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Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas Every Indianapolis Landlord Should Keep in Mind

Michael Taylor - Friday, July 7, 2023

Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas Every Indianapolis Landlord Should Keep in Mind - Article Banner

Curb appeal is an important part of marketing your Indianapolis rental home. It’s the first impression that tenants get, and you want to make that first impression count. You’re trying to project a welcoming, inviting feel for your property. 

What can you do when you’re on a budget but you want to improve the curb appeal of your Indianapolis rental home?

We have some ideas. 

Start with Some Simple Cleaning Up

If there’s debris and clutter spread around your property, the curb appeal suffers. Take in any trash cans that may be rolling around at the end of the driveway. Clean up random trash, debris that may be floating around the yard, or clumps of leaves and sticks that tend to gather in corners of the house and along the walkway. 

When things look clean outside, prospective tenants assume things to be clean inside. That’s good for your curb appeal and for your marketing plans.

Pressure Wash Your Indianapolis Rental Property

Once the outside is cleaned up, you’ll want to give the property a good power wash. Once you’ve washed the building, you should also turn the pressure washer onto any patios, driveways, and walkways. 

It’s easy and inexpensive to power wash your property, and the results are both immediate and visible. You’ll be surprised by the amount of sticks, dirt, pollen, and wayward leaves that cling to the outside of your rental home. Your driveway and sidewalks will look refreshed. Pavement tends to get darker as the dirt accumulates. 

Consider Fresh Exterior Paint

Painting the interior of your property is likely part of almost every turnover. Don’t forget the exterior paint. It should be refreshed every 10 years, at least. One of the things potential renters will first notice about your property is the paint condition. 

Look at the paint on your property. If it’s faded, chipping, or simply unattractive - schedule some painters to give it a modern, clean facelift. This will require an investment, but you won’t have to worry about painting again for at least a decade.

Improve Your Exterior Lighting 

One relatively inexpensive upgrade you can make is your lighting. 

Good lighting outside your property contributes to curb appeal and provides extra security. 

You want your tenants and their guests to feel safe coming and going in the dark. Make sure there’s good lighting at the front door, especially on the porch so tenants can get a look at who is outside before they open the door.

Keep Landscaping Low-Maintenance

Curb AppealYour landscaping is the centerpiece of your curb appeal efforts. Whether it’s a single-family home with a nice lawn or a condo with a small courtyard, you need to make sure your outdoor space is welcoming, attractive, and comfortable. 

It should also be low-maintenance. Tenants don’t typically want to invest a lot of their free time maintaining the yard and mowing the grass. Don’t invest in expensive, extreme landscaping, but make sure the outside areas look as good as they can.  

These tips are easy enough to implement and affordable. If you’d like some help with curb appeal, contact us at Red Door Property Management. We’d be happy to talk with you further.